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Pipe Major Sandy Hain of the Royal Black Watch
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The Red Hackle Pipes & Drums continues to be active in many parades and social events throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond.  They pride themselves on keeping Scottish tradition alive with its strong leadership and its open door policy to any new members.  It is through the unparalleled respect for our founder Sandy Hain and his remarkable talent that the Red Hackle remains a strong organization of skilled bagpipers and drummers.  We honor our Sandy Hains memory every time we play.  

The Red Hackle Pipes & Drums of Cleveland, Ohio was established in 1997 but its tartan and traditions can be traced back to the 1700s through Scotland's elite military Black Watch regiment.  Founding Red Hackle member Alexander "Sandy" Hain was enlisted in the historic Black Watch, Royal Highland Regiment and quickly became the 2nd Battalion's youngest Pipe Major.  The Red Hackle is permitted to wear the Black Watch tartan and cap badge along with the Red Hackle feather on their Glengarry bonnets to honor Sandy Hain's service in the Highland Regiment.  The Red Hackle Pipes & Drums began as a wish of Sandy's students to form a competition band.  The first practice was in January 1997 and their first competition was at the Ohio Scottish games later that year. In 1998 the season began with at Edinboro Highland Games at which the band placed for the first time. Many more competitions, parades and social events followed including, the World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland.

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